Columbia Pictures, home to The Three Stooges for many years, produced TWO Batman Movie Serials in the 1940s.  The first, called simply THE BATMAN was released in 1943.  The second, NEW ADVENTURES OF BATMAN AND ROBIN was released in 1949.

These serials mark the first screen appearances of Batman, the first screen appearance of a DC Comics character (at the time known as National Comics.  ADV OF CAPTAIN MARVEL predates these but at the time he was a Fawcett Comics Character).   The serials also introduced a skinny version of Alfred that caused the comics to follow suit, and it was in the serials that we first encounter the Batcave. 

This site will cover all aspects of the two serials, as well as merchandise from the period and we'll even sample some of the comics that would have been on the stands when these were released.

In 1965 Columbia repackaged the first Batman serial as AN EVENING WITH BATMAN AND ROBIN and it played art houses and college campuses to sold out audiences.   It's been incorrectly reported that this event inspired the Adam West TV Series or that it was put together because of it.  While it may have had some impact, and there are definitely many elements of the serial that are in the TV show, they seem to be independent of each other.

This is the place to find out more about the Serials.  We're adding and updating everyday-- check out our NEWS section to see what the latest is!

There will be a merchandise section too-- for buying and selling serial themed items like the mock Spook Show poster I created a few years ago and get asked about quite often.  More soon!


  1. I love it!
    This is Jimmy, known as Batrunner1966 on the 66 board.
    In was exposed to Adam and Burt first in my youth. In middle school I was able to find stills from the serials, and I instantly fell in love with them.
    Thanks for the Board Andy.

    1. Looking forward to the site. I have several articles I will be glad to share. Regards, Troy

  2. Looking forward to this Andy! Great idea. Don't be afraid to get some advertising to help your costs.


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