BATMAN SERIALS is in no way affiliated with DC Comics, it's parent company Warner Bros or with Columbia Pictures who produced and distributed the original movie serials in the 1940s.  No infringement is intended and all works of this site are for educational purposes.

Here are some of the features of the site (most still in the works);

-  Complete Bios of the Cast and Crew of the Films
- A look at the Costumes and how they compare to the comics
- Comics of the period, what was on the stands when the movies were in the theaters.
- A look at the Batmobiles
- The posters that advertised the serials
- Merchandise both vintage and new related solely to the serials.
- Vintage Newspaper ads and photos
- First hand accounts of seeing the serials in the theater.
- Links to things like the Rifftrax (MST3K) take on the 49 Batman Serial

So bookmark us and check back often-- we're updating everyday. Check out our NEWS page to see what's been updated.


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